Soma of the Vedas- The Elixir of the Gods

Soma is an herb described in the Rig Veda, the Hindu sacred scripture that is the most ancient of written records. Although it is a plant, Soma is honored as the third most important deity in the Hindu system of religion, after Agni and Indra. According to the Vedas, Indra brought Soma down from the heavens for the benefit of both people and gods.

Over the millennia, many people have searched for this elusive herb. Some scholars even considered Soma to be merely a religious allegory, and questioned whether it ever existed. However, it seems that a small circle of avatars have been using Soma all along.

Three main attributes are credited to Soma in the Vedas. The first is as a “cure-all,” a vehicle for attaining perfect health. The second is to increase the lifespan of its users, creating what is called “small immortality.” This means that people using Soma regularly can have a lifespan significantly exceeding current human life expectancy. In India, it is said that holy men using Soma are hundreds of years old. Third, Soma is believed to be an avenue to enlightenment, the much-sought-after state of minds through which ordinary people acquire extraordinary psychic and physiological abilities. 

Soma cleanses the human organism from accumulated toxins and leads to a revitalization of the body. It frees the life force, and increases empathy between people. People will notice that their tendencies toward anger vanish over time.

Soma also acts as an intelligence accelerator, and gradually expands the intellectual and psychic abilities of its users. From a mental point of view, Soma overwrites erroneous thinking patterns that lead to the disease of the body.

It takes time for the effects of Soma to manifest. The beneficial effects of Soma on the body eventually become permanent. This is a major difference from other herbal products that only produce transient results. Soma belongs to the category of plants that Shamans call “plant teachers.” These plants impart spiritual wisdom to those who ingest them. With spiritual health abounding, physical health follows naturally.

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