Physical Bases of Electromagnetism, Gravity and Time - The Possibility of Time Travel

Forces Acting at a Distance

The specific directions of circulating fluid space lattice determine electric polarities. Attraction of free charges is governed by a directional flow of fluid space lattice between the electric poles. Electrostatic and magnetic fields are defined as space lattice currents, which follow specific geometries. Based on this conclusion, the principle of a method is described for extracting electrical energy from the electrostatic field of Earth that can become the source of a commercial supply of electrical energy.   

A unidirectional flow of space lattice also occurs between separated charges, causing a directional motion of the charged object (e.g., a capacitor).   This conclusion has led us to an inertialess propulsion method, which provides an experimental proof of this theory.

An analysis of the physical attributes of gravitation is also presented in a separate paper. This paper also deals with the question of whether time has physical/field effects, and introduces new fundamental concepts to establish the science of time travel. We have proposed that in a polar universe (cause), all effects including gravity and time must also be polar. This is required by causality. In other words, in addition to gravity-pull (g-pull), gravity-push (g-push) must also exist.  Therefore, methods capable of amplifying g-push must exist, and we have described such a method. Likewise, a forward arrow of time must be balanced with reverse arrow of time.

The possibility of time travel is a fascinating subject and research into this area could open up the path to superluminal interstellar travel. We proposed that gravity pull can be reversed by an electric field and time by a magnetic field. Based on these, we proposed methods of time warping that can be used in faster-than-light (FTL) spacecraft design.


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