Balance is Key for Health

Disease is the body’s last resort, the final action that can halt a self-destructing lifestyle and force a serious change. Think of people who have suffered a heart attack or other condition, which “forced” them to give up a stressful, demanding career. 

In the past, medical practitioners noticed that many conditions would spontaneously improve given time and rest. This suggests that rest is an important health factor, particularly in our fast-paced lives today.  With all of our high-tech medicine, rest remains to be rediscovered as a simple method of stress reduction and a critical adjunct to healing.

Healing is understood to be a dynamic process that incorporates therapeutic approaches that may be both conventional and alternative/integrative. Yet as a society, we appear to be biased towards “busyness.”  To heal, we need to strike a balance of when to be active and when to put the struggle to rest. Our integrative cancer therapy recognizes the importance of being proactive in healing by targeting the underlying physical deficiencies in cancer while mobilizing the body's own defense mechanisms which are best harnessed when we give ourselves a break--literally.

When people face a severe illness like cancer, the complete withdrawal from everyday activities including work may give the body its best chance of making a complete turnaround. That may be a hard reality for people who always feel the urge of doing something, but healing is much encouraged by the change. It may take a long time to “really” relax, but rest therapy does provide a simple and age-tested method of stress reduction.

How to Rest

When resting, find a spot indoors that is your favorite place to relax and where you won't be disturbed. Keep your hands and feet warm, as it balances your mood and helps you get in a restful state more easily. When possible, go outside without books, newspapers, laptops/tablets, mobile phones or e-book readers, and just enjoy the natural surroundings. This will lead to a complete detachment from the conditions that brought cancer to you. The duration of this period of rest varies with your condition, but you must make a choice. It is your life that hangs in the balance. As the wise men of old said, your fate is in your hands.    

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